Solar image published in the BBC Sky at Night magazine!
01st October 2017
My image of the Sun's surface detail including the giant sunspot 2665, was published in the BBC Sky at Night magazine October 2017 edition, in the Hot Shots feature!

To say I was delight would be something of an understatement!

To see a detailed version of this image go to The Sun, the Moon and the Stars! portfolio.

Sun prominences added to The Sun, the Moon and the Stars!r
17th September 2017
Using the Astronomical Society of Glasgow's Coronado solar scope and an Altair Astro mono astro-camera, I combined an image of the Sun's surface with an images of a major prominence. Both images were taken within a few minutes of each other.

New image of our Sun added to Astro portfolio
15th July 2017
Astro portfolio - The Sun, the Moon and the Stars!
Managed to capture the current giant sunspot (2665).

Astrophotography kit
15th May 2017
Below is a list of the equipment I use for astrophotography. This covers the entire range of my interest from wide field star-scapes to deep sky imaging. The Pentax cameras and Giottos tripods are also used for conventional photography.

Astro modified Canon 500d
Pentax K5II
Pentax K1 full frame
Altair Astro mono GPCAM
Phillips SPC 900 webcam

Giottos heavy duty MTL9261B tripod and Giottos MH1300 Ball Head
Giottos VGRN 9255-5400-652 Travel Tripod and Giottos lightweight MH5400 Ball Head
SkyWatcher HEQ5 Pro German Equatorial Mount. This is computer driven from my laptop.
iOptron CEM25 "Chinese" Equatorial Mount driven from the handset. (Travel mount)
Celestron Alt/Az mount driven from the handset

SkyWatcher ED 80 with or without SW focal reducer/field flattener
Celestron 6" SCT

Tamron 10-24mm f3.5
Tamron 28-70mm f2.8
Tamron 70-200mm f2.8
Pentax 50mm f 1.8
Boat house in Loch Ard image added!
11th March 2017
On a cold and grey day at Loch Ard, near Aberfoyle!

Astro photo added
04th March 2017
This was my one and only image from February's pilgrimage to Kindrogan Field Centre. Eight Astro Junkies made the trip and had mixed weather over Friday and Saturday 24th and 25th of February. Friday was a washout, but much merriment was had by all as "light refreshments" were enjoyed until 04:00!

Saturday was better with good episodes of clear sky.
I misjudged the return of clear skies; packing up when I thought that the clouds had rolled in for the night!
Pleiades' nebulosity still evades me!

New astro photo added
05th February 2017
The Moon, Venus and Mars in a triangular conjunction on the 31st of January 2017!

Two new images for the Colour Project!
09th January 2017
I have added two images to the Colour Project: first images for 2017!

Super Moon 14th Nov 2016 added!
14th November 2016
The Moon at its closest point to Earth since 1948!
Search facility added!
14th November 2016
You can now search for images using key words!
Favourites! portfolio added.
25th October 2016
Ten, (maximum number for this portfolio), of my personal favorites. (Well, for the moment!)

I hope that you like the new portfolio.
Major reorganisation and change in editorial direction
23rd October 2016
I have decided that the way forward will be in the fields of astrophotography and landscapes, occasionally combining the two with what I call astro-scapes! (See the star trail and Milky Way shots below for examples of astro-scapes).
I will also continue with other projects, but the main activity will be astro and landscape work.

Client and Event tabs have been removed from the Home Page, (although still available as images), as I am no longer pursuing these avenues as a major activity.

I have also reduced the number of portfolios in the Gallery tab by:
1. Combining images from Iconic Glasgow, Streets of Glasgow and Commonwealth Games 2014 portfolios into one single portfolio called - Glasgow. Many images didn't make the cut!
2. Deleting the Portraits porfolio but moving some selected portraits to the Assorted portfolio, along with survivors from my Mono and Colour images

Images uploaded since last Blog update

Astro portfolio, (The Sun, the Moon and the Stars above!):

Star Trail over part of Aonach Eagach ridge, Glencoe

Milky Way over Gearr Aonach, Glencoe

Moon (Using an astro camera and video method)

Sun surface texture (Using a Lunt LS50 specialised hydrogen alpha telescope)

Landscape portfolio, (The land, the sea and the sky):

A view across Loch Slapin, Skye

Sunrise, Loch Leven from Invercoe village

Stob Bearg, Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe

Assorted portfolio:

Free as a bird!
Refreshed three existing photos in the "Sun the Moon and the Stars" portfolio
30th August 2016
Gaining more experience of image processing I refreshed three existing photos.
The star trail was the biggest change with a much improved image using the free software StarStax to merge all the individual images used to create the star trail.

For the Moon and Saturn conjunction I replaced the original shot with another photo taken on the same shoot.

For the Moon and Jupiter conjunction I improved the blending together of the two composite images and increased the brightness of the foreground to give a more pleasing image.

Update to RPS submission
24th June 2016
On Friday the 10th of June I received notification that my ten images submission to the Royal Photographic Society had been recommended to the Council for the grade of Licentiate.
On the 21st of June I received notification that the Council of the Royal Photographic Society had ratified that recommendation. I am now a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society!

It would be difficult for me to express how delighted I am that my submission was successful. It was a lot of hard work but worth it.

The website header page has been updated with the Licentiate logo as provided to me by the Royal Photographic Society.

Colin Robb LRPS
Update to RPS submission
28th May 2016
My submission will be judged on the 8th of June. Here's hoping!
At Last!
17th February 2016
After months, (years more like it), I have finally succeeded in creating an autoguided, multiply image, deep sky photograph!

M42, The Great Nebula in Orion, (including "The Running Man" - can you see him?).

It's been a struggle of many baffling failures and disappointments , but at last I have created a reasonable image worthy of the website.
When I embarked on this completely new to me astrophotography adventure, I had no idea the difficulties and challenges I would have to overcome. (I blame it all on Professor Brian Cox and Stargazing Live - It looked so easy to the seasoned professionals!) I also spent too long trying unravel the mysteries of auto-guiding. But I final got my head around the basics of it, sufficient to create one, two, three, and five minute exposures with round stars. (Ultimately, I did not use the five minute images due to other technical reasons.)

I've already figured out how to make the next attempt at M42 better. Well that's photography for you; astro or otherwise!

The image is in "The Sun, the Moon and the Stars!" portfolio.
ISS, Science Centre and Waverly shot copied to Astro portfolio.
23rd October 2015
I have decided to include this shot in the Astro portfolio as well as the Iconic Glasgow portfolio.

RPS Submission Portfolio added.
30th September 2015
Following excellent feedback from an RPS informal advisory day, I intend to submit the ten images in the portfolio to attempt to attain the Licentiate grade of the Royal Photographic Society.
Total Lunar Eclipse!
28th September 2015
The total lunar eclipse of the 28th of September 2015 added to The Sun, the Moon and the Stars! portfolio.

ISS Crossing the Moon
07th August 2015
Added to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars portfolio.
So, so pleased to have had at last a clear view of the moon during an ISS transit. I now know that my imaging planning and execution works! Further attempts will try to improve image quality and increase magnification. Bring on the Sun!