Major reorganisation and change in editorial direction

23rd October 2016
I have decided that the way forward will be in the fields of astrophotography and landscapes, occasionally combining the two with what I call astro-scapes! (See the star trail and Milky Way shots below for examples of astro-scapes).
I will also continue with other projects, but the main activity will be astro and landscape work.

Client and Event tabs have been removed from the Home Page, (although still available as images), as I am no longer pursuing these avenues as a major activity.

I have also reduced the number of portfolios in the Gallery tab by:
1. Combining images from Iconic Glasgow, Streets of Glasgow and Commonwealth Games 2014 portfolios into one single portfolio called - Glasgow. Many images didn't make the cut!
2. Deleting the Portraits porfolio but moving some selected portraits to the Assorted portfolio, along with survivors from my Mono and Colour images

Images uploaded since last Blog update

Astro portfolio, (The Sun, the Moon and the Stars above!):

Star Trail over part of Aonach Eagach ridge, Glencoe

Milky Way over Gearr Aonach, Glencoe

Moon (Using an astro camera and video method)

Sun surface texture (Using a Lunt LS50 specialised hydrogen alpha telescope)

Landscape portfolio, (The land, the sea and the sky):

A view across Loch Slapin, Skye

Sunrise, Loch Leven from Invercoe village

Stob Bearg, Buachaille Etive Mor, Glencoe

Assorted portfolio:

Free as a bird!