At Last!

17th February 2016
After months, (years more like it), I have finally succeeded in creating an autoguided, multiply image, deep sky photograph!

M42, The Great Nebula in Orion, (including "The Running Man" - can you see him?).

It's been a struggle of many baffling failures and disappointments , but at last I have created a reasonable image worthy of the website.
When I embarked on this completely new to me astrophotography adventure, I had no idea the difficulties and challenges I would have to overcome. (I blame it all on Professor Brian Cox and Stargazing Live - It looked so easy to the seasoned professionals!) I also spent too long trying unravel the mysteries of auto-guiding. But I final got my head around the basics of it, sufficient to create one, two, three, and five minute exposures with round stars. (Ultimately, I did not use the five minute images due to other technical reasons.)

I've already figured out how to make the next attempt at M42 better. Well that's photography for you; astro or otherwise!

The image is in "The Sun, the Moon and the Stars!" portfolio.